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Rubi: The Wayward Mira

A vibrant 16-bit metroidvania. Inspired by particle physics and the nightmares that exist within ourselves. · By kieryst


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Kickstarter LIVE!!!
We've updated the demo with a bunch of bug fixes and taking into account player feedback. I'm happy to announce that our Kickstarter for Rubi is now LIVE! https...
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Version 0.83
Version 0.83 released! Sooo many changes since last update. Here's a few. - New camera/room/map system. Map geometry for Casimir and Jura has been significantl...
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Rubi 0.8_4.10.19
Hey everyone! We've updated the demo to reflect some updates. Work is now going to the remaining areas. - Sharp Text in dialogue. - Variable phase sizes. Now b...
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Rubi - PAX Demo live!
Whew! It's been a while since our last update! I won't even begin to tell you what's been changed, because it's been nearly everything. We're still hard at work...
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0.6.2 patch notes
Notes for 0.6.2 ... umm a whole bunch of stuff. I wasn't that organized in listing what was worked on this time around. This is going to be an exercise in how n...
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Discord Invite
Hey everyone! With 0.6.0 coming soon, I wanted to invite everyone if you haven't already joined to our Discord channel! I'm there pretty much all the time and t...
0.5.2 Patch Notes
0.5.2 Patch Notes! - Parallax effects for background assets - Updated Mith BGM Music - Damage number styling with outlines. - Updated Feral Mith BGM Music. - Co...
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0.5.1 Patch Notes
Here we go again! 0.5.1 Patch notes: - (BugFix) Removed infinite jumping bug. - Some UI graphic updates (The rest to be done in subsequent patches) - Lots of...
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