Version 0.83

Version 0.83 released! Sooo many changes since last update. Here's a few.

 - New camera/room/map system. Map geometry for Casimir and Jura has been significantly updated, and maps now follow a room structure.

- Updated tileset assets all around.

- Muon enemy updated sprite and behavior

- Spitter enemy updated sprite

- New miniboss: "Casimir Angler"

- New dialogue interactions.

- New lore collectibles.

- Updated Mith boss behavior and sprites, utilizing a floral theme.

- Mana Cannons now spawn thorns.

- New enemy - Muon Scientist.

- New enemy family - Bugs. Green ones walk on surfaces, Red ones jump around.

- New Detector and Guidebook behavior.

- Can use phase in mid-air

- Updated melee options

- Button prompts for Keyboard/Controller

- You can pet the dog.


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Nov 04, 2019

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