0.4.0 Patch Notes

0.4.0 will drop later tonight. Here's the changelog with the major details since last update!

  • Geneva Complex area unlocked!
  • Accompanied by new level track as well.
  • Small sprite and geometry updates to Jura Mountains. (Vines get a makeover, and cave areas get wider borders to better define and separate the areas, Door switches easier to see.)
  • Visual upgrade to Lake Geneva
  • Guidebook and Detector placed in the Caves
  • Couple other collectible items placed in the Caves as well.
  • New enemy: Placeholder name - ‘Bug’. ManaBomb spitting sentry.
  • New enemy: Anti-Muon. Aggressive charging particle that annihilates with Muons.
  • New boss fight: Casimirian Defense Sentry
  • Graviton powerup drops from boss. Triple Jump mechanic plus damage over time projectile (Currently only works with the bat.)
  • Squid animations less crazy
  • Balance changes: Bat and Muon get slightly reduced HP.
  • Balance changes: Reduced rate of fire on the bats.
  • Changed graphic of the mid-tier destructible block to be similar to that of the low-tier one.

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