0.4.1 patch notes

0.4.1 patch notes:

- (BugFix) Scout now flips direction when running into a wall.

- (BugFix) Kinyume stage lasers now remain powered off after stage re-entry, if she is defeated.
- (BugFix) Fixed erroneous particles on disabled lasers. - (BugFix) Fixed a few bugs with Health Upgrades not being applied/saved properly.
- Updated splash screen on start and load pages.

- New spritesheet and animations for the Scout.
- More Geneva Lake sprite updates, replacing the placeholder background.
- New collectible powerup, the Celestine Graft, has been implemented and placed somewhere in the world.
- Added some collectibles scattered throughout Geneva Lake.
- Added third mana-infused collectible. Rubi will begin to turn Feral upon the collection of three of these gems, represented by an in-game timer. Purging the Feral is possible at the end of the timer, but end game content will differ based on gems collected and if the timer was reached.
- Map and minimap implemented for the Geneva Complex (No guidebook, detector yet, so this is just automatically visible.)
- Muons, Antimuons, Tauons, Electrons, Birds, Mana Cannons, Fish, Squids, Spitters, Scouts, the Core, Kinyume, and the Casimirian Defense Sentry are now are damaged properly by Celestine and Graviton effects.
- Casimirian Defense Sentry has it's own encounter track now, and pre-encounter loop.


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Mar 31, 2018
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Apr 02, 2018

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