0.5.0 Patch Notes

0.5.0 Patch Notes!

- LINAC 4 Area released!

- Feral Mith boss fight released.

- Scavenger Enemy debut. Small crawler that occasionally discharges large mana spheres.

- Photon Enemy debut. Slow moving bullet hell initiator

- Gamma Particle upgrade available

- Casimir tileset updated

- Redoing the spawn and respawn script, slowly migrating enemies to the new script, which should reduce lag spikes when enemies respawn offscreen.

- Jura Mountains tileset updated - This is a pretty massive WIP, makeover so there's missing bits that will be 'more better' next patch!

- (BugFix) Rubi no longer retains invulnerability status when reloading a game (again)!


Rubi_Install_p_Win.exe 88 MB
Jun 05, 2018

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