0.5.2 Patch Notes

0.5.2 Patch Notes!

- Parallax effects for background assets

- Updated Mith BGM Music

- Damage number styling with outlines.

- Updated Feral Mith BGM Music.

- Controller Schema Update (Phase and Graviton now have their own dedicated inputs)

- Phase VFX Update

- Kinyume Boss Fight balancing, Diamond Wake attack doesn't extend as far. Her linger after the dash attack persists slightly longer.

- Vallorbe geometry and level update

- Portal sprite VFX update.

- Slime animations and ceiling drips.

- (BugFix) Music sometimes gets bugged on reload.

- (BugFix) Mith damage numbers erroneously show.

- (BugFix) Mith and Muon damage flicker frames now corrected.


Rubi_Install_Win_0.5.2.exe 108 MB
Aug 13, 2018

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