0.6.2 patch notes

Notes for 0.6.2

... umm a whole bunch of stuff. I wasn't that organized in listing what was worked on this time around. This is going to be an exercise in how not to write patch notes I guess!

Made some bees. That was cool!

They'll follow you for a short distance when attacked.

Did some graphical updates in Geneva Lake. Oh! Also made a bunny. He follows you with murder in his eyes, but won't jump off a ledge or into the water, so he's not all that crazy about murder:

The Higgs Boson got finished up! He's a stationary enemy that spawns little minions. I think he's pretty cool.

Also, the green circle is the only damageable element. Attacks that enter the blue field circle get slowed down, and may not penetrate through unless you have some upgrades, or are pretty close when you fire! A little tricky that one.

The Feral Human is finished up also! They are slow but have pretty massive energy attacks.

Oh! Feral Humans now have a little fashion sense and wear different coats. Their breath weapon depends on the coat they're wearing. From hard to harder to WTF?

The Graviton jump got a rework! The jump happens much faster, and the graviton particle acts now like a targeting reticle, so it's easier to determine where you'll end up. The ending momentum is about the same.

Oh and at some point throughout this cycle I found a finch that was a little dazed:

He's ok now though! He just needed a rest away from the street and he flew off again after an hour.

And there's been a bunch of polish with level design and assets. Too much to list here, you'll have to play it to see everything!

Thanks everyone for helping this project!


-- kieryst


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Oct 29, 2018

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